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Phenomena 256
by   Experimental Audio Research
Delta 6 (Hydroponic)
Space Themes Part 1 & 2 (Tribute to John Cage in C, A, G, E)
Sample  (96K mpeg)
Sub Aqua (Left Channel)
Tidal (Centre Channel)
Lunar (Right Channel)
Ring Modulator
As the Night Starts Closing In
Phenomena 256 (3 Piece Suite)
Sample  (105K mpeg)
Sample  (100K mpeg)
Mood For a Summer Sundown
Phenomena 256
My friend Brendon was a major Spaceman 3 fan and tried to turn me on to their pseudo-Ambient Noise psychedelic trips. It didn't really catch on too much with me, but I recently received a pleasurable shock from mid-left field. This album is oddly cold and fluid, deftly mixing processed electric guitar with hypnotic electronic elememts, invoking happy memories of old Kraftwerk influenced by old Sci-Fi soundtracks. The individual songs are very sonically dense and don't let up all the way from fade-in to fade-out. Due to the Indie-rock crossover influences. you might even be able to find this at the local mall, though I'm probably just full of shit (again).
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