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by   Jean-Michel Jarre
Oxygene (Part I)
Sample  (97K mpeg)
Oxygene (Part II)
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Oxygene (Part III)
Oxygene (Part IV)
Sample  (128K mpeg)
Oxygene (Part V)
Oxygene (Part VI)
Now, this is an album which is really defined by the technology it was made with. Back in '76, the only hardware to be had was analog and pretty much hand-made. Sound-wise, the album is sounds a bit like W. Carlos, but much sweeter and Trancier. Back then, it was incredibly innovative, given that people hadn't yet realized what could be done with electonic music. It still sounds very very intense (though dated). I bought it domestic, but I think Dreyfuss is import-only now.
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