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Outer Dark
by   Bill Laswell
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Ananta (Passing Dream)
Part 1  (91K mpeg)
Part 2  (89K mpeg)
Outer Dark
I finally found this album, after months of searching. Originally, I borrowed it for 2 weeks from Diazepam, and it ended up making an accidental 2-1/2 hour ferry ride so much more pleasant. Once I'd returned it, none of my sources could get their grubby hands on a copy. Eventually, Fohm managed to scrape a few out of Watts. Chakra is really Spacy, lazy sitar music with a little Industrial breeze underneath. Ananta (Passing Dream) is the sort of Ethnic/Industrial stuff that mr. Laswell has got such a skill for making. It's another limited FAX pressing, so I'm hoping mr. Laswell will re-release it on Axiom or something.
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