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All Our Ancestors
by   Tuu
Triple Gem of Wisdom
All Our Ancestors
House of The Waters
Stillpoint in Motion
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Shiva Descending
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All Our Ancestors
An epochal piece of its genre -- very soothing, very deep and sensual, and totally earthy to the core. The term 'ancient' immediately comes to mind, and that's completely in the intent of the artist. What's remarkable is how well this metaphor is brought to bear. In its sounds, it grants you witness to ceremonies, rituals, slow and lengthy pilgrimages, desert roads rich with the smell of spice, and personal encounters with the mythical. Such a very well conceived and executed album, strong and thematic without pretense. I remember it being a particular favorite of EEG's. I was very fortunate to have been able to find it myself many years later, so one would hope that it has seen at least a few re-pressings.
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