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Of Surfaces
by   Richard Chartier
Of Surfaces
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Of Surfaces (Variance)
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Of Surfaces
It's the album that just isn't there. Now it's not like I actually went out and bought myself a blank recording... that'd be silly... I've seen from the ripped waveforms that there's plenty of data there. But it's daaaamn silent. Unless you happen to have a good set of headphones. If so, you'll hear long stretches of resonant air being pressed up against your ears in varying degrees of intensity, sparsely punctuated by the muffled sound of a pin tapping on glass. Occasionally, you'll hear the barest pre-cursor sound of a shortwave radio station being tuned into your metal fillings. As a general rule though, it just confuses the shit out of your eardrum. And you know, that's one of those thing that I just love about the Ambient medium! For an experimental artist, I've found that mr. Chartier's albums are remarkably easy to find if you dedicate the time.
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