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Raum Fur Notizen
by   Nonplace Urban Field
Sample  (64K mpeg)
Not Enuf
Nike Air
Sample  (73K mpeg)
Sample  (115K mpeg)
Westernized Dub
Xylo 78
Not Enuf Remix
Raum Fur Notizen
Excuse me while i use the words "interesting" and "minimalist" in the same sentence (though not very constructively). The album jumps between Ambient Trance and Dub influences, and for the most part there's no pinning either style down on any particular track. Can't really put my finger on what it is that the music reveals to me -- it just makes good listening music. Strange how something so musically thin can be so difficult to describe. Thank god I sampled some tracks! Copies didn't seem to be overly hard to come by during its heyday, so they'll be grabbable from someone's storage locker.
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