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Nosferatu: Fantome de la Nuit
by   Popul Vuh
Mantra 1
Sample  (143K mpeg)
Morning Sun
Venus Principle
Sample  (118K mpeg)
Mantra 2 - Choir
Die Nacht Der Himmel
Der Ruf Der Rohrrfloete
To a Little Way
Through Pains to Heaven
Sample  (79K mpeg)
On the Way
Zwiesprache Der...
Nosferatu:  Fantome de la Nuit
An artist in Seattle handed this album to me as pre-selected accompanyment to his 8mm film. I don't remember the movie, but i do remember the music (sorry, Ben, i'm just not a visual person). Some pretty, pretty stuff on this disc... had to track it down for myself. Having not seen Nosferatu, i'm not sure what this niceity-nice sound has to do with vampiricism, but then again i don't spell that word with two 'y's either. Of course i wouldn't get it... it's not about the whys. It's about Vuh and their swoolen notes and sitar downpours. Good soothment for the soul. The copy i got was new, so i don't think they're out of print just yet.
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