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Night Passage - demixed
by   Various Artists
Ryoji Ikeda :
Sample  (147K mpeg)
Brian Williams and Paul Haslinger :
Sample  (107K mpeg)
Untitled 1/96
Sample  (178K mpeg)
Night Passage - demixed
i'm sitting here in the Salt Lake City airport, trying to review this disc, but it's really rough. these crappy portable headphones just don't give these tracks justice. my memory tells me that each track is vibrant and simple... full-spectrum re-mixes of raw telephone wire recordings. Untitled has a asterisked warning which states that it contains scary-ass low frequency signals, a statement which an audiophilic co-worker has enthusiastically confirmed. this disc is almost entirely Environmental, nearly devoid of any song frameworking (except for B. Lustmord's, that nutball). a great background layer for any occasion. both this album and Alan Lamb's original Night Passage are good Doboro choices.
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