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Original Masters - Night Passage
by   Alan Lamb
Night Passage
Last Anzac
Meditation on SPring 8
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Original Masters - Night Passage
I have to say up front that this can be a pretty abrasive album, certainly not your grandfather's Ambience. It's very harsh, very gritty. But what could one expect from a half-mile stretch of telephone wires left to rust in the Australian outback? I can't imagine I'd be very pleased if I were them. Seen in that light, such a feral stretching and yawning and rattling of sinewy metal as you come to hear in this album isn't the least bit surprising. In fact, it strikes me as a bit poetic, and mr. Lamb was fortunate to have captured its essence on tape. Still... it's pretty painful poetry, kids, and definitely not one for the gentle people.
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