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Music by Numbers
by   Mobile Disco Unit
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Back in 1996(?)-ish, Mike Brown set me a pack of stuff from the folks at Carbon Base, for the purposes of review (by proxy). It included a nice steady-state album called 'White', as well as Aloof Proof's 'Expo One', the predecessor of the classic 'Piano Text'. And then there was this cassette, which I have been keeping in my car ever since. The first time I popped it in, I was awestruck, being slowly surrounded by a deep and profound chattering. Ever since, when I need to stop bristing at slow traffic or other urban driving stupidities, I pop it in again and bliss out again to its wonderful sound of form without purpose. The tape's liner says little if anything, so I'm not sure what's ever happened to the artist, nor the label. The keywords I entered in a web search came up with one of my own pages (heh!) I wish them all the best, wherever they are.
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