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The Moon and the Melodies
by   Harold Budd, Simon Raymonde, Robin Guthrie and Elizabeth Fraser
Sea Swallow Me
Memory Gongs
Sample  (78K mpeg)
Why Do You Love Me?
Eyes are Mosaics
Sample  (142K mpeg)
She Will Destroy You
The Ghost Has No Home
Sample  (116K mpeg)
Bloody and Blunt
Ooze Out and Away, Onehow
The Moon and the Melodies
I've resisted getting into 4AD artists as much as possible, not as much to deny my inner Goth as to buck the dominant trend of depression. However, we must all make compromises, and for mr. Budd, I was more than happy to spend a couple days searching around the city for such a nice album. His influence is obvious (hear the treated piano), but the other castmembers make a world of difference. The Cocteau'y vocals are well embedded into the depth of the songs, almost intelligible, but human voices none the less. Mood-wise, it's lusciously sombre, draining, melancholy as all fuck. When I need a good cry, it'll be there by my side, happy to wrench willing tears from my ducts. I get the impression that this album is readily available but quickly sold, so I'd recommend planning your shopping trip now.
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