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Meddle - Limited Edition Trance Remix
by   Jim Cauty
featuring:   Pink Floyd
One of These Days
Sample  (114K mpeg)
A Pillow of Winds
Sample  (106K mpeg)
San Tropez
Sample  (125K mpeg)
Meddle - Limited Edition Trance Remix
Whereas I was short on words for the original, I have lots of things to say about the remix. For one, I don't actually own the album... had to borrow it from Fohm and weeped at the prospect of returning it. It's got no documentation on it, including the remixing artist, copyright date, company of release or anything... and I'm sure they're all gone. All gone, all gone. This album hit me in the kisser right quickly after I first put it on. I know Meddle well enough to recognize all of the core elements, and whoever made this reconstruction did a great job. Excellent re-adaptation of songs, choice of sampled passages, reconstruction of feel and concept. It sounds a helluva lot like the work of the Orb, but most Floydophilics kybosh that idea. My friend said it sounds like Ultraworld, but I didn't agree... mmm... I've sampled a 1-to-1 correspondence between the original tracks and the remixed ones... have fun with a compare and contrast analysis. You'll be happy this album exists, but sad that they're all gone. All gone, all gone. Here's some more sites that have their say about the entire ROIO thingy: mopsy floppsy, and cottontail.
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