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The Magnificent Void
by   Steve Roach
Between the Gray and the Purple
Void Memory One
Infinite Shore
Sample  (91K mpeg)
Cloud of Unknowing
Void Memory Two
Void Memory Three
Sample  (81K mpeg)
The Magnificent Void
Sample  (104K mpeg)
The Magnificent Void
Dark and warm as his music always is, mr. Roach again fills empty space with depth and character. Slowly building, slowly fading, the tracks merge seamlessly into each other -- and the album floats between heavenly and earthly stratae. Ah, but always with a feeling of weight, of something pulling downwards, not willing to letting go. Something that doesn't want you to leave. But that's okay; you can sleep right through it all, and totally miss all of the subtext as your eyes flutter back and forth. Nice piece, and one of his more well-liked pieces, so copies are readily obtainable.
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