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em|t 0096; Lucid Dreams
by   Celia Green
Prelucid Dreams
Sample  (124K mpeg)
False Awakenings
Out-of-the-body Experiences
Dream Control & Erotic Possibilities
Sample  (99K mpeg)
Achieving Lucidity
Health Warning
Sample  (60K mpeg)
Extrasensory Perception
em|t 0096; Lucid Dreams
Picked up this album from Wall of Sound after I was able to give it a good whirl. My only trouble with most t|me albums is that they're usually sealed at the store so you're making a big leap of faith. After hearing the Celia Green track on em:t 2000, I was mildly smitten and was looking for more of her voice on plastic. Found this and was overjoyed... it fit right into my mood at the time. It's basically ms. Green speaking about lucid dreaming and all the combinations and permutations therein whilst some Ambient goofball puts soothingly funky flows and tones underneath her. Picked some strange instances of this for the samples down there. Not as easy an album to sleep to as one might imagine, but it puts you in a very interesting state of being if you put your mind to it. Heh... put your mind... Anyway, I've seen copies of this around, so seek and ye should find.
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