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by   Dr. Timothy Leary, Ph.D.
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The infamous dinner party attended by Leary and Nixon aide G. Gordon Liddy
Leary interviewed during 1967 at the height of the Hippie movement
"What are psychedelic drugs?" Dr. Leary, in his deliberate and delirious way, explains why it is that structure of society is collapsing beneath the weight of its symbolic refuse. And not only that... there's a way to see through it, dear friends... to see around it, to peer right into and laugh your ass off at it. Just the smallest drop of his efficacious mystery fluid and ping you'll get it, get past it, and get on with it. And the dear transcendently obsessed Doctor can make such a case for that, can't he? We all must have our poisons. Now that he has passed, we can all sit back and realize the fortune we have been to live within a time of such historical documentability that such great messages will be carried on endlessly into the societal reshuffling of our psycho-physical future. Hopefully, someone has ripped this disc and put it onto a fileshare somewhere, because there can't possibly be enough printed copies to go around.
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