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Lovely Thunder
by   Harold Budd
The Gunfighter
Sample  (122K mpeg)
Ice Floes in Eden
Olancha Farewell
Flowered Knife Shadows (for Simon Raymonde)
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Valse Pour le Fin du Temps
Gypsy Violin
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Lovely Thunder
It took me a while to get this album up here, not for a lack of interest, but because it's too obvious to remember. This is maybe my third- or fourth-most-frequently played album that I own, primarily because it's traditional sleeping music. Well, uh, more to the point, it's traditional seduction music. Now, I don't really know why this is the case, but I've found it to be excellent music for kissing & cuddling. Music-wise it's processed piano, as is most of mr. Budd's work, but it has an underlying power and beauty that I've found to be quite distinct. The last track is 20 minutes long and exceptionally soothing. Being a domestic release, even the most casual of buyer should be able to spice up his or her love life with this little trinket.
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