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Live a Noir
by   Autopoieses
Track 1  (94K mpeg)
Track 3  (95K mpeg)
Track 7  (107K mpeg)
Live a Noir
This album doesn't compress worth a damn! That's because the music is tense, alive with a crackling that would shatter the walls of Jericho. This sample just sounds like some evil mantises coming to eat your hands, but no, it's so much more in its original uncompressed form. There are times when the static goes away, settles down for a while, but it always comes back. Just like that girlfriend who always liked to set your groin on fire, but without all that burnt hair smell. Yeah, that's it. I'd say this album is the nicest crotch fire i own on disc, definitely the least painful. Having beaten that dead horse into submission, i most strongly endorse this product. Mille-Plateaux has been around for years, so one would hope they have their cyber-act together.
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