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Oceans Eleven Vol. 1; Left Foot Shank
by   Various Artists
Slack :
God's Speed
Up in Smoke (Oceans 11 Mix)
Dark :
Mash It
Sample  (80K mpeg)
Sly :
Float Up Part One
Sample  (104K mpeg)
Workshy :
Pieces of Mind (Pieces of Dub Mix)
Synth and Elms :
Portable Shed
Sugar Cane Aqua Plane
Kicking the Moon :
Rest and Relaxation
Bemish and Fly :
Stoked (Spliffed)
Mr. Electric Triangle :
Bosha Nova (Dopa Mix)
Sample  (81K mpeg)
Sly :
Float Up Part II
Dark :
After Dark
Oceans Eleven Vol. 1; Left Foot Shank
Another hot-bodied, full-flavored Trip Jazz compilation from some label I've never even heard of. Marden Hill's got two tracks on this little number, along with a mess of other funky artists. Some of the songs are standard fare, but a number of them have a dark, slumbery mood all of their own. Makes great music for coming down off of all those pixie sticks and hydrated kool-aid from late Saturday night. The title implies that there'll be more to come, but I couldn't even tell you how to find this one.
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