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La Bella Vista
by   Harold Budd
Bell Tower
Sample  (147K mpeg)
The Rose
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Her Face
Children's Games Beyond Our Reach
Sample  (91K mpeg)
The Avenue
Bird Charmer
Other Flowers
Il Leopardo delle Nevi
La Bella Vista
This is the album that reminded me of how little of this man's work I actually owned. It's completely raw and un-processed Steinway, being expertly seduced and cajoled by mr. Budd's capable fingers. The songs feel like you're listening in on secret lullabys being played for royal children. So very soothing. So very priveleged. As the liner notes describe, the recording was itself cajoled out of mr. Budd by mr. Lanois and a confluence of desirable women -- on two separate occasions. Makes for a great anecdote, eh? I have a vision in my head of a polished black piano expertly woven inside of a spider's lair. "Oh, Harold, could you step in for a minute?" So very soothing. So very priveleged. It's a widely available release, so royalty can easily be experienced by all.
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