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Kontakt der Junglinge: 1
by   Thomas Köner and Asmus Tietchens
; (Part 1)  (113K mpeg)
; (Part 2)  (83K mpeg)
; (Part 3)  (105K mpeg)
Kontakt der Junglinge:  1
The terms 'verdant' and 'cinematic' come to mind immediately, but i'm at a loss to describe their fusion. In terms of its sound and presentation, this disc's single track walks a thick line between the natural and the synthetic. You could imagine you're in a swamp, but you aren't, because there's something else going on. In terms of its mood and development, the song builds and refines its temperment, at first aloof but with increasing intensity. You could imagine that there's some purpose in mind, but it's all means and no end. So i chose a clip that sounds like a kid sucking at the last drops of a McDonald's milkshake. If you're anything like me, you'll hunt down a copy and experience the mystery for yourself.
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