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Kontakt der Junglinge: n
by   Thomas Köner and Asmus Tietchens
Part 1  (103K mpeg)
Part 2  (107K mpeg)
Part 3  (103K mpeg)
Kontakt der Junglinge:  n
I ordered this album on-line from Anomalous, back before they stopped selling other labels. After about nine months of it sitting in a stack, I finally get around to listening to it. And it hooked me in under ten seconds. The leading bass-drop cycle struck me as an archtypical incantation -- the track sample pales in dimension to the original -- and from there on it just paraded tamed beasts before my ears. I mean, these are evil, despearte cybo-beast-machines here, trying incomprehensibly hard to escape from their static warp chambers. But all you can hear are their slow moans of hopelessness. Such an excellent display -- until the invocation returns and closes the silk curtains. As were all the discs in KDJ series, it was limited release -- the absolute best of luck to you, dear listener.
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