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Kontakt der Junglinge: -1
by   Thomas Köner and Asmus Tietchens
Part 1  (97K mpeg)
Part 2  (85K mpeg)
Part 3  (88K mpeg)
Kontakt der Junglinge:  -1
This is a 45+ minute concerto that I wish I could play more regularly on my stream. However, I just can't... because it's too discomforting. Not scary, not ugly, not quite abrasive -- it's just an issue of comfort. But believe me, the album is tremendous. To clarify, it's a concerto ... of shifting air, vacuums, solar radiation, raw heat, and (I'd guess) a man scraping empty spraypaint cans against a garbage dumpster wall. It's so aurally visceral -- you're there, wherever there is supposed to be. But there's something maddening about the spraycans, like seriously. Delightfully maddening. I believe the whole series is coming out as a set, so you may want to look around for that.
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