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Stepping Into the Dark
by   Chris Watson
Glen Cannich, Inverness-shire, Scotland
Sample  (92K mpeg)
Embleton, Northumberland, England
Kielder Forest, Northumberland, England
River Mara, Maasai Mara, Kenya
Los Olivitos, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica
Sample  (88K mpeg)
Breachacha, Island of Coll, Scotland
Moray Firth, Scotland
Sample  (101K mpeg)
Ravenstonedale, Cumbria, England
Ummanz, Rugen Islands, Germany
Meallan na Ceardaich, Glen Affric, Scotland
Stepping Into the Dark
I've been finding an interesting smattering of independent environmental albums recently. This one offered recordings from the United Kingdom, something I only have on a couple of my aging Environments vinyl collection. Featured here are a very nice recording of intense wind and what the liner notes indicates are bats picking up fish from water. There's some serious cricket & frog action going on in a couple tracks, too. A couple of the pictures in the little booklet show mr. Watson's microphone setup... compared with mr. Hempton's, it looks positively ponderous and goofy. Copies have been spotted all over the Seattle metropolitain area, and since we're quite a ways away from the source, the East Coast and Europe must be absolutely flooded with 'em.
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