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Psychotropical Heatwave
by   Prince Charming
Stroboscopic searchlights sweeping tidepools of parasites
Crews of Crazed Contortionists Infected Egypyologicsts Absorbed in Photosynthesis Under the Broken Obelisks
Sample  (131K mpeg)
Eclipsed by Sadness sitting by Myself in the Park Introspectively A Bullet-Proof Plexi-Glass Bubble Canopy Protects Me As Angry April Angelfish Meteor Showers of Comets of Question Mark Krill Spill Past Spiraling Fictitious Megalithic Alien Orbs...
Like A Flickering Celluloid Moonbeam on the View Screen
Sample  (90K mpeg)
Eating Sweetheart Valentine Candygram Vertebrae
Spider Monkey Snuff Flicks of Black Magic Projectionists
jump cut to: Synchronously Swimming Sleek, Glistening Jellyfish Prostitutes Undulating to the Savage Pagan Bongo Rythyms of a Hotel Extravaganza of Break-dancing Bornean Headhunting Gangbangers out on Parole for Smoking
Sample  (104K mpeg)
Shrouded Wraithlike Rain Cloud Sentinel Dragon Lobster SkyDemonPhantom Flyers Losing Altitude in Jaded Jade Aquariums Criss-Crossing Emotinal Oceans Ill-Illusions Crab-Like Equipment Escapes In The Confusion Burning Manuscripts of Recent Observations...
Everything goes when the whistle blows [War of phantom satalites panther girl prototypes kleptomaniac first strike you're all fucking suspect exhibit A gold tooth ceremonial peep booth licking mangled memories of humanoid prostitutes]
Hot Dripping Zippers Unzipping Lost in the Clouds of Billowing Aphrodisiac Nerve Gas In The Heat Chambers Strapped With Strap on Centipedes Strapped With Strap on Millipedes Spider Rapist Assault Tag Teams Teach Savage RavishingRhapsodies Shapely Slips...
Psychotropical Heatwave
Do you know how long it took me to type in those track names? A long, long time, and I couldn't even fit all of them into the freakin' database field. I'll make my review short: Infernal Lounge Music, very very nice, and it's findable. ...and the artist wishes to be mailable. Did I mention that it took a long time to type in those track names?
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