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Electro Harmonix
by   Tetsu Inoue and Jonah Sharp
Morphing Cloud
Part 1  (171K mpeg)
Part 2  (194K mpeg)
Floating Sync.
Sample  (61K mpeg)
Electro Harmonix
Let's just talk about Morphing Cloud for a moment. As you can see from my sampling, I like it a whole lot. It's 45+ minutes, and only contains about 6 or 7 themes, but they're blended together so amazingly... After having listened to Morphic Cloud, my brain will just lock on one or two verses, and they just repeat in my head. Over and over. No, I'm not dangerous, it's just that good. Replay and Floating Sync. are good too, but... the first one... As usual, though, it's a limited press FAX release. Sorry.
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