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In a Garden of Eden
by   Heavenly Music Corporation
Cloud Structure Silence
Sample  (147K mpeg)
The Quiet Mind
Ambient to Be Here
Sample  (101K mpeg)
Dawn Chorus
Beautiful Dream
In a Garden of Eden
Sample  (100K mpeg)
In a Garden of Eden
This is the HevMusCorp's first release (to the best of my knowledge). It's 50+ minutes, and about half of the tracks have some sort of rhythmicality to them, but they're very inobtrusive. If you believe the liner notes, it was designed for an Ambient space in India. Only Kim and Silent know for sure. The track which really sold me on the album was Ambient to Be Here. It's unfortunate that the MP2 doesn't convey its truly lavish essense. Silent is domestic and quite locatable.
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