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Gravitation Pull vs. the Desire For an Aquatic Life
by   Stars of the Lid
The Better Angels of our Nation
Cantus II; in Memory of Warren Witzie
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Lactate's Moment
Be Little With Me
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Gravitation Pull vs. the Desire For an Aquatic Life
Wandered into Scratch during my vinylistic travails in Vancouver. Only briefly confused by stacks of Punk and Noise, I foraged and found this lovely piece of chamber music. It's the sort of disc I'll leave running when I'm out of the house, just so that the furniture doesn't get lonely. Five varieties of chordal seepage, ultra-processed and pureed into a fine gel. I'm particularly fond of the flavor crystals. Found it not long afterwards at the local Ohm outlet, so I figure there's more copies out there for the pure of heart.
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