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Music from the Galaxies
by   Dr. Fiorella Terenzi
Sidereal Breath
Sample  (125K mpeg)
Galactic Beats
Stellar Wind
Plasma Waves
Sample  (128K mpeg)
Sample  (132K mpeg)
Radio Core
Cosmic Time
Music from the Galaxies
This one has been with me for years, but took a while to reveal its Venerable and Ancient qualities. As you'd learn from clicking here, it doesn't have that low and subtle power that BM/R can muster. The Doctor's choice of sounds are much more lustrous and striking, competing for front stage in a the massive expanding void. As usual, I've gone for the wallpaper parts. I'm fond of droping the pitch down about 12% before giving it a friendly spin. Not to violate its scientific purity, goodness no. It's just that 2.64 x 108 m/sec is much more my speed. Major label trumps niche market appeal, so this shouldn't be a tough one to track down.
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