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A New Consciousness 2
by   Peter Namlook and Charles Uzzell-Edwards
Environmental Frankfurt
Track 1  (84K mpeg)
Track 3  (165K mpeg)
Track 5  (92K mpeg)
A New Consciousness 2
Apparently the story behind this album is that Charles went to Frankfurt and went around the city recording the great outdoors. Trains, streets, places of interest, etcetera. Then he took what he'd recorded back to mr. Namlook, who massaged it and made it wonderful. It's sort of a longer, more modern take on Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express. At about 6:23 through Track 3, you can hear someone whistling Beethoven's 9th in the background. "An accident", I've been told. This one is still limited press, but there's always hope, since it's #2 in a series.
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