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(for Morton Feldman)
by   Various Artists
Fuyo no Ame (For Morton Feldman)
How Things Change
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(for Morton Feldman)
A tribute album to mr. Feldman for the 15th anniversary of his death. As the liner notes also say, he was a great influence upon the artists who have gracefully provided their work. The second and third songs are the standouts. Track 2 isn't there at all unless you have good bass response. Oh, maybe you'll hear a sharp 'tic' in one of your ears a couple of times (over the course of 17 minutes), but that's about it. Track 3 rises slowly to a resonant thrum, and then wanders around in a room of sputtering lowercase confusion. Both are reminiscent of magnetic fields bending under the influence of the solar wind. You may want to check with the Trente Oiseaux label if you're interested in a copy.
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