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Eye of the Storm
by   Mirror
Eye of the Storm
Part 1  (97K mpeg)
Part 2  (103K mpeg)
Part 3  (99K mpeg)
Eye of the Storm
One long 40+ minute piece of wind and resonant metals, with mr. Chalk and mr. Heeman steady at the helm. Nice choice of title for the piece -- it does have the feeling of something that you've shown up in the middle of. There's always a trembling, a hush, the hint of something immense, or that some event of great portent is just about to happen. But all you're privy to view is the time in-between, an uneasy delay. Yes, it's quiet. Too quiet. This is a rare CD release for this group; the vast majority of their catalogue is vinyl-only, and only in small batches. Catch it while you can.
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