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Expo Two - Piano Text
by   Aloof Proof
The Ghost Ship
Sample  (222K mpeg)
The Last Leaf
Sample  (108K mpeg)
Expo Two - Piano Text
Both EEG and I were smitten by the excerpt of the sad and lovely Ghost Ship song off the Swarm of Drones compilation. Fortunately, we were both able to acquire a copy of the full album and were both equally pleased as punch by the results! The album is 100% lonely processed piano, as one might imagine from the title, and embracingly peaceful. I think one of the artists tapped into mr. Budd's brain while he was sleeping and extracted some transitional material. Then, using knowledge reserved only for the Enlightened Few, manifested these extractions in audible waveforms. So much horseshit, yes, but where else can you hear a piano note decay like this? Sleepy, gorgeous, and probably findable too if you bump into one of the Enlightened Few.
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