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Dub Terror Exhaust
by   Automaton
Astral Altar (The Gateway of Legba)
Sample  (159K mpeg)
Asiyah Dub (Blinding the Starry Eyes of God)
Sample  (104K mpeg)
The Terran Invasion of Alpha Centaurai Year 2794
Sample  (104K mpeg)
The Black Meat (Deconstruction of the Bebel-Tower of Reason)
Dub Terror Exhaust
As is becoming par for Laswell stuff, Diazepam got this one first and I borrowed it from him. Didn't take me long to search a copy of my own down and grab it. Very nice little disc on Subharmonic with an opaque black container. I'm sure he's gotta be paying extra for those. It's traditional Dub with excellent recording quality and frequency range. It's good to see that mr. Laswell is putting his bass to good work in promoting World Peace with his usual cult of weird freaks.
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