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Earth Lights
by   Nostramus
Sample  (197K mpeg)
Interplanetary Bass
Sample  (161K mpeg)
Let's Fuck It Up
Dark Jewel
Mystic Drum and Space
Sample  (99K mpeg)
The Wobble
(No Cover)
Nostradamus' original Preditions EP is something I actually had to track down in SF... someone else in Seattle walked off with the only copy before my very eyes, and I felt so sad. Something nice, mellow, but up-tempo... that Dub / D'n'B hybrid I'm so fond of, with such a nice level of complexity. Turns out the EP was four re-mixes from this album, which I'd completely missed. A copy of it magically appeared one day in one of those Secret Places (don't tell me you don't have one of your own) and I walked off with this precious piece of plastic. There is a certain amount of redundancy between songs, and not all of them are killer, but the stand-outs really stand out. Sweet rolling, strumming, rubbery happiness. Don't think this is going to the big pop crossover album that Substance undoubtedly wants it to but, but it's a sunny day in your pocket.
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