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by   Jean-Michel Jarre
Equinoxe Part 1
Equinoxe Part 2
Sample  (103K mpeg)
Equinoxe Part 3
Equinoxe Part 4
Sample  (101K mpeg)
Equinoxe Part 5
Equinoxe Part 6
Sample  (71K mpeg)
Equinoxe Part 7
Equinoxe Part 8
I'm not sure what it is, but Ambient artists from France have an amazing way of interpreting water. This album is another very early work, and it's more Trance than Ambient, but it's such an amazing piece from the period. Moody and smooth, with that lovely old analog sound we've all come to love and cherish. Very wet, very soothing, an acoustically controlled rainstorm. My only wish is that he'd tried to come up with eight separate names for the tracks. All whining aside, this is a domestic album and should be well positioned within the New Age (gaah) section of the local chain. If you're still thirsty, look here.
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