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Equations of Eternity
by   Eraldo Bernocchi and Bill Laswell
featuring:   Aleister Crowley
The Collector
Sample  (116K mpeg)
Eons Geography
5th Element
Sample  (96K mpeg)
Shadow Sewer
Fifty Gates
Sample  (85K mpeg)
Slow Bleed
Equations of Eternity
I've found that Aleister Crowley has had very strange effects on those who have eoncountered his works, so the fact that this album sounds so dark and mystical should come as no surprise. Thick and syrupy, low and scary, it's just what the world needs more of. If you're familiar with mr. Laswell's production work, you've got an idea of how about 60% of the core sounds, but it's mr. Bernocchi's influence that makes the other 40% stand proud. Can't quite put my finger on it, but the music has an incessant, forward drive; a capitulation of some great inner secret. It has the feel of a Tool of Learning, but having not yet achieved a sufficient Grade, I cannot say what it is that it teaches. But Tools are meant to be used, not described, so give WordSound a ring and they'll forward one to you.
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