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Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid
by   Akira Rabelais
3 of 15, 02:24:15
a la recherche du temps perdu, 02:40:38
Palinode I, 00:30:06
1318663, 1318697, 1318699 ..., 04:17:29
Sample  (112K mpeg)
Instructi Politic, 00:57:19
Sample  (124K mpeg)
4 (EDIT III), 07:02:28
Sample  (121K mpeg)
ic3, 01:03:63
Cnamv Caca - V, 04:18:12
577 -dD (1318661), 00:52:50
Catalan Solids, 05:00:68
Palinode II, 00:21:00
Chronosynclastic, 09:11:03
Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid
So, it's pretty clear from this album that mr. Rabelais likes spending his evenings dicking around with Soundhack. Oscillating, stretching, folding, spindling, and generally mutilating. Taking things that probably sounded really nice and organic before he got his hands on them and smacking them around a bit, channeling them into higher distorted pitches. The work as a whole has a sort of unsteady feeling to it, like the feeling you get in your arm after holding it straight out in front of you for half an hour. It's a nice piece of signature experimentation. Mille Plateaux carries virtually all of the Ritornell releases on its site, so punch up a copy for yourself if you like.
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