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Distant Rituals
by   Chris Meloche
Distant Rituals
Part 1  (226K mpeg)
Part 2  (166K mpeg)
Distant Rituals
I bought this album during a weekend in Boston, and I'll forever associate it with the T. Something about this album makes it perfect cityscape music; simple, unbroken, very high pitched and intermittent with very intangible environmental effects in the background. On a whim I listened to it while attempting to get a tan in Phoenix. It had the interesting effect of reducing my experiential time by 33% - the album is 70+ minutes but I only felt 45 of them. Very helpful that the chapter marks on the disc are set at 10 minute intervals so I could time my exposure. I'd listen to it going to sleep, but I'm not sure what sort of dreams I'd have. If you want to find out for yourself, it's a domestic release on Silent.
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