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Dreams of Freedom: <I>Ambient Translations of Bob Marley In Dub</I>
by   Bob Marley
featuring:   Bill Laswell
Rebel Music (3 o'clock Roadblock)
No Woman No Cry
The Heathen
Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
Sample  (112K mpeg)
Waiting in Vain
Sample  (188K mpeg)
So Much Trouble in the World
Burnin' and Lootin'
Sample  (57K mpeg)
Is This Love
One Love (People Get Ready)
Midnight Ravers
Dreams of Freedom: <I>Ambient Translations of Bob Marley In Dub</I>
This latest opus from mr. Laswell's studio just totally rocks the planet. Or, rather, soothes the planet. Really simple formula; new takes on old Bob Marley tracks with long, lazy Ambient transitions. But, wow... Bill just has an absolute way with his bass. He hits a chord, and your butt is just planted on the sofa, a big grin stretched across your face. Mr. Inoue even gets thrown into the fray! Loaned this one to 'normal folk' at work, and they paid it high compliments... think it just went into mass release, so grab your copy before the competition finds out.
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