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The door of possibilities.
by   Alio Die and Ora
Looking Towards
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Approach to Zero
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Betliole Nascoste Trail Muschio e le Alghe
The Door of Possibilities
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In Shore / Purl
Autumn Cove
The door of possibilities.
There is something incredibly secular about the tones of this album. A dominance of earth and water sounds, with sedate organ chords pulled away for miles along a thing silvery cord. The influence of mr. Chalk is quite evident in the choice of environmental extracts, sounds that are strong and lucid yet unspecific, a half-painted canvas. It makes its own gravy in your head, evoking the feeling of deja vu with noticably insufficient cause. One of these days i'll sleep through the night to it, with the hope that i'll wake up somewhere i recognize. I found this as a used disc and have seen it elsewhere in its shrinky wrap, so be encouragad when you seek.
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