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Day Out of Time
by   Steve Roach
Underground Clouds
Begins Looking Skyward
Walking Upright
Sample  (76K mpeg)
This Life
Sample  (70K mpeg)
The Dreamer Descends
True West
The Holy Dirt
Merciful Eyes
Two Rivers Dreaming
Sample  (93K mpeg)
The Eternal Expanse
The Return
Day Out of Time
A soundtrack to a 'Koyaanisqatsi'-esque film of the same name. What I like about it is that since it was structured to match a visual medium, mr. Roach has a chance to evolve a lot of different moods over the course of the album. They're all his tride-and-true classic forms -- deep organic thumps, long moist drones and slow rolling sweeps and announcements -- but he is almost compelled to touch them all. Yet, as I'm finding myself now, it's often easier to create when you're shaping towards a pre-defined external paradigm. And the soundtrack medium works very well for him here. As with most of mr. Roach's other works, it is quite findable with a modecum of effort.
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