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Cymatic Scan
by   Bill Laswell and Tetsu Inoue
Monochrome Existence
Track 1  (98K mpeg)
Track 3  (98K mpeg)
Track 6  (106K mpeg)
Cymatic Scan
Honestly, how did i not realize how nice this album was when i first heard it. Was sitting in a stack with Shutov Assembly and the others in the SEB disc 4 pile. I think i was oversaturated with Laswell-Inoue sackraces, so i dismissed it. But hoo-eee does it have some pleasant cycles, and cycles is what it is all about. Hypnodelic stuff, vibratory tensions and long pulls back and again. It was re-released by one of mr. Laswell's labels, and rightly so... check out the usual oddball sources.
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