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by   Suns of Arqa
Part 1  (121K mpeg)
Part 3  (147K mpeg)
Part 4  (88K mpeg)
I bought this one of the three I found in Newbury Comics, and I eventually went back and bought the other 2. It make my pair of trips to Boston so much the happier. Prior to my flight out, I dropped into it at the gate, and wasn't really sure what to make of the instrumentation. It's either Indian or Middle Eastern, and harshly calm for a while until you get into it. The only beats occur about 18:30 into the second track and lasts for about thirty seconds. My favorite part is the water/cricket/froggy loop which runs all through Part 4 Wish I knew where to tell you to look, but it took me going to the Northeast to find mine. Mucho fortuna.
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