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The Complication Series
by   Various Artists
crawl unit >> shifts >> rapoon >> totemplow >> fuxa >> brume >> monera >> mlehst >> pregnant pause >> flutter
Shifts :
Raw Uncut
Tabata :
Viva! Revolutione!!
Subarachnoid Space and Walking Timebombs :
A Better Feeling
September Plateau :
Useless Diamonds
Aube :
Sample  (104K mpeg)
FM Synthesis :
The Beginning of the End of the Reputation of the Greatest Secret Agent
Sample  (101K mpeg)
Brume :
Monera :
Locomotor Structure
Sample  (116K mpeg)
The Complication Series
When i made my first order from Elsie & Jack, they sent me this compilation for free. And who could say nix to that, huh? Not me. There's a nice variety of sounds, and a good smattering of that mysterious aural crunchiness that i seek. I'm particularly fond of the Secret Agent workings. They did a truly perverse job of arranging the chapter marks on the disc so it was hard for me to figure out which was who doing what. Such devious bastards those E & J twins are. I'm sure that if you give them a holler they'll be able to ship one out to you as well.
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