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by   Pluto
Pluto 1
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Pluto 2
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Pluto 3
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I should have put this up here month's ago... it took me almost 9 months to get my act in gear about this one. Lux was listening to his pre-orders one week, came across this thing and said he didn't want it... too slow. I jumped on the sucker in a heartbeat; chock fulla space Trance, it's a dream. It's all deep tones & effects, except 1, which has slow thick thumps towards the halfway point. Given that it seems to have been put out on a Techno label, I think it should've been played at 45 -- you hear it here at 33. I don't know anything at all about Rancho Relaxo, but if they've got it on CD, I'd gladly beg for it.
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