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B So Global
by   B So glObal
Sample  (126K mpeg)
It's a Pond, with a Fish in It
Sample  (114K mpeg)
Bride Descending the Staircase
Theose Little Blue Galaxies Again
Sample  (130K mpeg)
B So Global
I know absolutely nothing about these people, other than the fact that they're Artists of some sort (and who isn't these days). The disc is a little short (less than 40 minutes), and it's not incredibly complex, but it's very very pleasant. Each track utilizes about 2 or so natural instruments (guitar, viola, etc.), with a little synthetic massaging and background. I've had serious trouble getting it out of the Sack, because it's such a good mood music. Fo Fum is an obscure label, but I've seen the disc around.
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