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The Place where the Black Stars Hang
by   B. Lustmord
Sol Om On
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Aldebaran of the Hyades
Dark Companion
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Metastatic Resonance
Dog Star Descends
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The Place where the Black Stars Hang
I listened to EEG play this down at drowsy? and asked him about it. Later on, I listened to him play it at his house, and asked him about it again. We do this sort of thing a lot: "Gee, ____, what's that you're playing?" "Oh, it's ____. You remember; you asked me about it last week/month/year." Well, I was smitten so I grabbed myself a copy and rather enjoy having it. The album is a single track with index marks indicating the various segments noted below. Tt develops very nicely from start to finish; gothic all the way through and growing quieter as it proceeds, ending up in a heartbeat. Since then I've seen several copies at local merchants, so I'd think you, the viewer, might find the same.
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