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Interpretive Belief System
by   HIM
Port of Entry (resistance to the ugly spirit mix)
Science of X
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Twirling Dub
L'espirit n'a pas d'Maison
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The Slow Attack
Sample  (120K mpeg)
Second Chance
Interpretive Belief System
I am struck by visions of an Urban Safari -- the prey, undetermined. Beatful in a style sort which skirts the realms of Dub in its processing, birthed of components much more quirky, African, feral in a tantalizing sort of way. To make an album like this complete, you gotta have your gratuitous Burroughs quotes, Illbient wailings and strange backwards beat structures. Aside from that, anything's game. This ferocious little number is domestic and as available as the average WordSound album in your area.
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