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Below Zero
by   Robert Rich
Star Maker
Dissolving the Seeds of a Moment
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A Flock of Metal Creatures Fleeing the Onslaught of Rust
Termite Epiphany
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Liquid Air
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Below Zero
As you would imagine, the tones on this disc can become rather frigid, on rare occasion reaching a intensity of harshness. The vast majority, however, is a cool drink of water, the music billowing slowly away from you like breath on a late November evening. You really can't take the earth and chant out of mr. Rich, and he nestles them in nicely into the loose and drifting snowpack. I bought this from him after a performance at an SFO planetarium, an overall pleaseant delight for the senses. His e-mail list, noted above, could likewise keep you informed of his comings and goings.
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