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Beauty Reports
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Beauty Report Eight
Beauty Report One
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Beauty Report Two
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Beauty Report Three
Beauty Report three (Variation)
Beauty Report Four
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Beauty Report Six
Beauty Report Seven
Beauty Report Nine
Beauty Reports
Damn, this album is nice. EEG has already declared it a classic, as have I (you'll see it in there after it drops from the Sack). Sound-wise, it's somewhere between Brian Eno and MLO Productions, combining the best of them both. It's got 70+ minutes worth of music, and most of the tracks are 8+ minutes, but the neat thing about the album is that you forget you're listening to it!! The first couple of times I heard it, I'd look up from my work and say "What happened?", then look at the clock and say "Shit!". If you want to smile a lot and lose track of time, it's the album for you. Only trouble is that Suburbs of Hell is an obscure label, but it can be gotten.
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